I did it again! On June 6, 2004 I left for a weeklong journey. I crewed with hundreds of other people. Crew, Cyclist, Masseuse, Doctors, Chiropractors as we went from place to place setting up our tent city. We started this journey in San Francisco and after 6 nights and 7 days we ended it in Los Angeles. Why? You ask. Because we ride/crew to help those who suffer from HIV and Aids. Yes I am talking about The Aids LifeCycle.

It benefits both the San Francisco Aids Foundation and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. I once again will be on Team Apocalypse as Pestilence. My friend Duane, who rides as Death joined us. Stephen once again proved he shouldnít be famine by being the first one of us into camp everyday. And of course Ben, who is also on the Pos Peddlers team as well, rides as War. Since Ben has been unable to continue the ride with us Neil now rides as War. Check the site to see all old and new team members alike.

I expected the fundraising aspect of this ride to be even harder for me then usual. I was greatly helped by the net goth community and in the end raised a total of $2600, I slid over the minimum required by a mere $100. I considered myself fortunate and blessed just to have met the minimum. The economy has changed, so many of us are unemployed, and lets face it you are getting tired of me begging for your hard earned cash. Iím still here asking you to help me though and I'll be asking every year until we no longer have to have these types of events. Every dollar counts. From the friend who quit drinking her morning Starbucks to give me a donation to the stranger who donated $500.

What am I going to do while you are donating your hard earned cash? Iíll be training everyday. Exercising, eating healthier, and getting on my bike earlier then I did any previous year. Iím going to spin classes and joining up with fellow riders for training rides. Some years I'm even a training ride leader. When it comes down to riding though the last call is always that of my knee doctors. If I can't ride I will crew. One way or another I will be there with my friends raising money for this deserving charity. Every dollar counts. I can't stress that enough. There are several ways to donate. You can donate online by going HERE. You can email me and ask me for a donation form. You can give me free ad space on your website. You can pass the word along. You can send me good thoughts, light candles, pray. Whatever it is that you do. I in turn will keep you updated on my training via the team journal During the ride I will have a friend update the site daily as to each of our team members progress.

Thank you again for your wonderful support. If anyone would care to join us on the ride you can sign up as a roadie and/or a cyclist at aids/lifecycle


I would like to thank all my friends and family who have supported me year after year.