DarkThreads - My sewing projects


Coming unraveled at the seams

Mystress Prynne taught me sewing basics. Threading my machine, cutting, and ironing the fabric before hand. She has a strict eye for detail. I admit to being a bit more sloppy with my sewing. Under her guidance I made my first project ever.
My sewing took a back seat to my constant commuting between LA and SF. Until 2000 when I finally chose to just move to San Francisco. I was itching to start sewing again, but without my sewing mentor I was lost. Alas a generous soul told me about Darkthreads. So I signed up the next day and was fortunate enough to find my second sewing mentor in Rois. Rois and I started sewing every Sunday and soon we had a small group of lovely ladies stitching and bitching away, except of course when we are stitching and smutting. Which variety of sewing circle it ends up being depends entirely on three very simple things. Are we having cocktails? Are any men present? and does the movie we've turned on have eye candy?
And so it continues. Unfortunately our core group doesn't meet with any regularity these days but we still manage to pair off and get some sewing done.

So many interest so little time

With the patience and guidance of my sewing circle I've branched out. Now I'm an all around crafting queen. Making soaps, cross stitching, drafting patterns (although not very well yet), crotcheting, scrapbooking, jewelry making, fake hair assembling... the list just keeps growing.

pictures of my projects - coming soon